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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Perspective Is Eveything

It is the end of the semester; finals are finished, books are forgotten (and the knowledge "gained"), and it's time for the real assessment to begin. The real questions surround how students arrived at the final marks, and who is responsible.
In my job as an academic tutor/mentor to some sketchy academic minds, successful outcomes are measured beginning with "didn't fail," and move upward through various steps to "graduated from DPU" meaning a student-athlete no longer has required meetings several times weekly with me to review academic progress. It is a major goal of all of these students, and one that I push them relentlessly toward. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, and they would have to stand on their least until a suitable replacement could be it's important that they learn quickly how to navigate the educational life.
At any rate, many of the grades came out today, and the boss of my boss sent me a congratulatory email indicating that the extent of my genius seemed to be limitless. My response was that successful students get the credit for having done the work, but unsuccessful students can blame the tutor for poor preparation. This scenario is not unlike the coaching profession: when things go well, you will never hear a coach say that he or she was responsible for the win (even Nick Saban); however, when failure occurs, the coach almost always takes the blame.
So it is in my profession.
Now...if the administration wanted to reward me with, say, cash, I'd be willing to take the credit.
But we know that's not going to happen.
Congratulations, graduates!


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