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Saturday, November 16, 2013

One Dollar Habit: Crushed

Heroin, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol...the list of addictive substances goes on and on. There's a support group for every possible addiction, including food and sex. There is not, to my knowledge, and step program or support group for Candy Crush...the popularly addictive online game.
More than 30% of the 1,000 players surveyed indicated that they were "addicted." More than 30% of those questioned indicated they had ignored family or friends in order to play; 28% of them indicated that they had played at work, and another 10% even admitted to having heated arguments with significant others concerning the amount of time spent playing.
With more than 150 billion plays recorded in the last year, many of them are repeated plays, I suspect. That's the catch. In this game, a player gets 5 "lives," but after that number, a player can either pay $.99 to continue playing or wait a half hour before replaying...and people apparently cannot wait: the game takes in a reported $875,000. PER DAY! The most popular game heretofore has been Angry Birds, which averaged just over $6,000. per day.
The programmers continue to add levels just to keep players interested: there are 544 levels, and it would seem impossible that someone could get so close to the end without paying something!


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