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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Neiman-Marcus is SO Last Year

Normally, when I'm looking for just the right Christmas gift for the person who has everything, I turn to the Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog for everything from clothing to things like the "Lean Machine" exercise bike (at $15,000.) that resembles nothing more than a Cheerio and which looks dangerous. This year, there are other less strenuous options, like the stable of "Indian Larry's" motorcycles: the "Question Everything" model for about $80,000 or the "Wild Child" model that will set me back about $750,000.00. Sadly, though, those are just too tame for me. That's where Ripley's Museum in times Square has my back. Through Christmas Eve, it has some really unique, definitely one-of-a-kind items> To wit:
An authentic Tibetan skin drum for $4, 499.99;
An Egyptian Ibis mummy for $19, 999.99, OR
a 6-legged calf skeleton for a mere $24,999.99.
Of course, there are less obscure options like the elephant armor...the WHOLE set.
I've got to say, the ordinary just isn't anymore.


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