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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Looks Like Dinner To Me

It must almost resemble one of the "B" grade movies that were so numerous during the 60's. Imagine 40 million of ANYTHING, let alone that number of things crawling along with wicked looking pincers! This is the time of the annual migration of red crabs on Christmas Island, Australia. When the first heavy rains begin to fall in October, November or December, the crabs decide it's time to migrate.
The males take off first to make the beach reservations, which they do by digging shelters int he beach near the Indian Ocean. The females arrive 5-7 days later and wait until the tides are just right to lay the eggs that will become even more crabs (and food for other species, one would imagine).
At any rate, the crabs live in the inner wetland forests during the rest of the year prior to the annual pilgrimage to find prospective mates and lay the fertile groundwork for future generations. Lest you think this is an ordinary feat, these crabs, some as big as 11 cm (4-5 inches), have to travel as much as 9 km (about 5 miles) in order to reach the destination...before having to fight off other male crabs to secure the beach location with the best view (I guess). Their trek crosses roads, highways and other manmade structures so you can imagine the attrition rate might be higher than one would like.I can only imagine the Red Lobster folks out there with nets and crates.
Dinner. But then, with 40 million, who's going to miss a few thousand?


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