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Friday, December 20, 2013

I Only Have Eyes For You

Generally, I'm the last to find out about interesting things: Tebowing, planking, and Dufnering were internet hits long before I noticed them. This time, though, I think I may be on the cutting edge. A report from theBBC yesterday detailed an interesting "art" project by a couple of guys in's called "eyebombing." Simply put, one merely walks around in public spaces attaching googly eyes to objects that might resemble a human face. The creators touted it as an eco-friendly way to brighten people's day since the eyes can only be placed in public spaces where there is a lot of traffic. Objects that already ARE human or animals with eyes are not suitable.
Since the stick-on eyes are easily removable, there is no graffiti-like aspect to this fun activity. The eyes cause no permanent damage so the practice is not destructive at all.
It becomes increasingly interesting since I've begun to notice my surroundings a lot more than I ever did before as I look for places to place the eyes.
One caution: if you want to do this, be sure to get the self-stick version of the eyes. Most craft and hobby stores have ones that require glue...this would not be a good idea since a) it would be too permanent, and b) one could hardly affix the eyes surreptitiously.
Have some fun!


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