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Monday, July 08, 2013

No Room In the Middle

I read a story this weekend about a religious group non-celebrating the 4th of July. The members call themselves "anti-patriots," and their focus is on calling to our attention the various methods by which this country made itself into a world power: things like slavery, colonialism, annihilation of  Native Americans and their way of life, beginning wars that served a political purpose for us (not necessarily anyone else), and a generally pushing others around both within and outside our borders. All of this contributed to the USA becoming the foremost world power and seems to have led us to be the biggest villain on the planet as well (according to those we "influenced"). This group not only refuses to celebrate "military" holidays, but it actively ( peacefully) protests against them. This approach might seem extreme to many, but it only serves to point out that there simply is NO middle ground anymore.
Whether or not I agree with their perspective is not the point. The point is that we have become so contentious that there is no longer any middle ground, and one doesn't have to look any further than our political system to see evidence of that. The term "moderate" is no longer used...I'd be surprised if it had not been ushered out of the dictionary by now. My neighbor believes I'm the devil incarnate as he calls me "liberal," when, in fact, I'm far more moderate than he understands. "Christian" is another term that falls into this world of extremes. Christians can abhor abortion under ANY circumstance but cheerfully send youngsters off to be killed senselessly and fail to see any logic in registering firearms or limiting magazine size; they can lie, cheat,steal and deny others rights like health care or control over their personal lives in good "faith"...but God forbid anyone say he or she is NOT a Christian. Let's talk the Crusades, the Inquisition, Columbus and all the European Christians and their decimation of tribes. Yet to be considered anything else is to be hounded from polite society.
Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor? Find a middle ground...I dare you.
Talking heads are labelled either politically conservative or liberal and make fabulous salaries pointing out the erroneous ways of the "other" side while neglecting the foibles of their groups. All the talk of "reaching across the aisle" in political campaigns has become so much drivel that nobody takes it seriously. Even the latest version of an immigration bill sponsored by a bipartisan group got nowhere amid partisan bickering. It's frustrating, and such positions preclude intelligent discussion on any important matter. While the gulf between the two sides remains significant, there is no room in the middle.
And it's a shame.
That's where cooler, more logical heads would prevail.


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