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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What? No Cheerleaders? No Trash Talk? No Fun?

At a recent big money golf tournament, one of the players blamed a poor shot on the actions of another player who was some distance away. The distraction was caused when player #2 (the perpetrator) pulled a club out of his bag, and the crowd around him reacted noisily. This totally threw player #1 (the victim) off his swing and resulted in a terrible be followed the next day by hitting three balls into water hazards in two holes and completely losing it.
While I'm sure there are rules of etiquette about what to do or who should hit first in these situations,  that's not what caught my attention.
What amazes me is that professional golfers require absolute silence in order to play successfully! I think they are the only sports people who are allowed to work in a vacuum: nobody is waving huge heads in front of them as they line up a putt...nobody is swearing or gesturing at them as they walk the fairway, and there aren't hundreds of flashes from the photographers going off in the middle of the swing. Really...golfers have it so much easier than other athletes with regard to distraction. I think it's time to correct that. Breaking someone's camera when he or she dares to take a picture during the backswing should be punished by having to hit the next ball using a wiffle ball. Staring at the crowd until it becomes deathly silent should be punished by having to play the next hole in John Daly-type pants.
Seriously. Every other sport seems to have cheerleaders and dance teams and mascots...and all of them are far more interesting to watch than people hitting a golf ball; this is particularly true due to the price these people have paid to watch golf! one of our sons was able to go to The Master's this year: a bucket list item for him, to be sure. He paid $300 to walk the golf course following a pro golfer on a practice round...for HALF a day! To be fair to the golf world, he considered it a highlight.
True, people are allowed to shout after the ball has taken flight or as it snakes its way to the hole on the green, but it's not the same as trying to make a great shot while people are talking about your mother.
Of course, I get nervous when I golf early in the morning, and the people are still watering the greens and raking the bunkers. They politely step aside and wait for me to hit which increases the likelihood that I will duff the next ball.
Maybe having a cheering section wouldn't be such a good idea.
I am not impervious to pressure.


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