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Monday, December 10, 2012

Overlooking the Fiscal cliff

The rumblings are ominous from our nation's capitol: we're about to plunge into a recession/depression if we cannot figure out an effective way of cutting spending and raising revenue. Each side would have us believe it has the right answers, and I'm not convinced either side does...though there are some definite possibilities being thrown around. Trouble is...nobody on the other side will agree that some of these are good ideas. I say, "Leave it to Starbucks to solve the financial woes of this country!"
Of course, we wouldn't survive as a country if it depended on ME drinking Starbucks, but I think I might be in a majority.
To wit: Starbucks recently unveiled 5,000 limited edition cards that sold for $450.00. While that might seem somewhat steep, it was loaded with $400 worth of product purchasing power at Starbucks. I know you're are thinking to yourself, "Wait a minute...that's $50 MORE for the card than the customer gets back!" Exactly. While the corporation claims that it cost more than $50 to produce the cards, I'm not buying that, either figuratively OR literally.
The point is, though, that people DID buy them. In fact, the run of 5,000 cards sold out in six minutes...and then entrepreneurs began selling them on EBay where the most expensive one sold last week for just over $1,000! 
See what I mean? If Starbucks can generate that kind of income with something as simple as a gift card, think of all the ways it could solve our current debt issues! In fact, they've already gotten a good start because we can now spend a hefty $7 for a 16 oz. cup of ultra premium Costa Rican coffee!
Wow! Ultras premium...even my gas station doesn't flaunt its product to high rollers like that.
So, the president and the Speaker of the House (not my wife, the OTHER Speaker of the House) need to simply call the Starbucks folks to a meeting, and we'll all have a happy Christmas.
Folger's just won't get it done.


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