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Tuesday, June 12, 2012 the Summer?

Summer is supposed to be that relaxing part of the year in which the biggest worry will be whether or not the hammock needs to be brought in so it doesn't get wet or what to do about the newly-born bunnies that are voracious in their attacks on the flowers.
Perhaps for most school kids, it's supposed to be that way, but theses days there's music camp, Scout camp, basketball and soccer camps along with cheer camp and summer leagues of every kind. As they get older, summer jobs become more and more necessary since parents become reluctant to purchase every monthly release that Nike puts out. And, of course, Mom and Dad (but mostly Mom) must endure the pressure of constant traffic in and out of the refrigerator, the house and the garage. It's no wonder that the first day of the fall semester is a relief for almost everybody!
Normally, I relish this time of year as a time to actually get bored, watch pointless television programs and take continuous deep breaths as I revitalize after the intense stress of school with little to anticipate but a relaxing agenda of lawn mowing, book reading (for fun, not for educational purposes) and getting in touch with those people who are more distant in terms of distance.
This summer, though, the pressure squeeze is looming like a Burmese python around an Everglades raccoon. Not only do I have an upcoming major knee surgery, but I have to HOST a dinner/book review for members of the composition department from the university (which means scrubbing every inch of every bathroom, the kitchen floor and making certain the bookcase has thought-provoking titles with little dust on them), and the chairman cannot attend: eek! if that means I have to lead the discussion on a book we've all supposedly read concerning college teaching practices, I will have to make sure there's a LOT of wine beforehand! In addition to those two events, each staff member is supposed to write something for the August staff meeting that will be critiqued by the other staff members. Yowza! Having professionals read something I've written is daunting, to say the least. I could care less what they think of me personally, but I care very much that my professional writing capabilities be found acceptable.
I've begun a list of possible topics on which to write, focusing mainly on personal experiences for a narrative of sorts. I thought briefly of poetry, but that format is too easy to hate, as I see it. I might have to try out some ideas in this space to gauge how much I like them; after all, it's not like my largely invisible audience is likely to complain.
It's just the pressure.
I'm going to go lie down and try not to think about it.


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