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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Just NOT Done!

Sacrosanct...Iconic...legendary...Some things are just meant to be one-of-a-kind brain-seared images and/or cultural signposts...never to be challenged, never to be copied...held in such religious awe that nobody should even think of invading the revered space. Then, there is everything else like the vast array of reality television or copycat fashion items here today and gone next week...only to reappear in twenty years just to make us say, "I should have kept that..." I suspect that there have been copycats since before the Romans aped the Greeks' civilization by changing the names of the gods (like nobody would know!), then self-destructing in somewhat the same way. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I guess it's flattering to be copied for a really good idea, but still, there are some things better left alone. Anyway, I'm not an American Idol fan...or a Dancing With The Stars aficionado. Any program that asks the average American to judge the worthiness of an artistic performance is shrouded in hypocrisy. "I don't know art, but I know what I like," is NOT an acceptable criterion for evaluating talent. Nor is, "I'm voting for ________ because he (or she) is hot!" As a result of my bias, the opening to one of those "talent" shows caught my attention through the closed door and set me off...again. This show had the audacity to coverTHE most important band of the rock 'n' roll era with a group of nobody musicians and wanna-be singers. Brutal. So, I've decided to list a number of things that one should NEVER do...cultural boundaries NEVER to be crossed. Of course, it's all opinion, but I think you'll have to agree with at least some of my choices. According to a Jim Croce song, one should never do any of the following: 1. Tug on Superman's cape (sans Kryptonite). 2. Spit into the wind (to which I would add "pee" for guys). 3. Pull the mask off of the Lone Ranger (even though he often disguised himself as the "old prospector," and nobody EVER figured it out.) Okay, I guess I can go along with those, but I have some to add: 4.Refuse an invitation from the president to visit the White matter WHAT your political affiliation (as several sports "stars" have done). 5. Kick or otherwise maltreat children or puppies (though it's OK by me to push cats away). 6. Hit or cheat on one's significant other...ever...(the stink eye is acceptable on occasion). 7. Use a foot wedge while playing golf (take your punishment like n adult...and swear a lot). 8. Budge in front of or in the middle of ANY line on Black Friday unless you have a death wish. 9. Wear underwear more than one day at a time. 10. Cover a Beatles' song...under no circumstance...ever...ever...even if you're Joe Cocker or a house musician or contestant on American Idol. You're just embarrassing yourself. Eat slimy bugs on a dare or something, but do NOT cover The Beatles. ever.


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