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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Who ARE these People?

Y Not?

Clutching My Wallet Tightly

None of the family is able to make the Packers' game this Sunday. I had won the right to buy tickets by virtue of living in Brown county and being taxed at half a percent on everything for approximately 15 years...some bonanza! At any rate, I purchased tickets to this game figuring the fans among the kids would come home for it; alas, one is moving to Denver, and the other is incapacitated and unable to travel. That left me with four tickets to a game that I wasn't all that thrilled to see. So, in the spirit of "finally getting something after being taxed all this time," I sold the tickets and now have something of a windfall...a benefit that I thought might well go toward something nice for She-who-hates-to-be-mentioned-in-a-blog. After all, it IS the season of giving, and SHE has tickets to the game against the Detroit Lions on New Year's Day: a game that I would MUCH rather see.
So, I'm trolling the internet and land upon a "must-have" gift site, though immediately I sensed danger. Names likeAshley Morgan, Miriam Haskell, Maichesa, Judith Ripka, and David Yurman popped up in connection with some names I actually recognized like Yves St. Laurent, Omega, DeBeers and Cartier (who I thought produced infant clothes...apparently not).
While the gifts were definitely in the "Love It" range, they were mostly in the "Can't Afford It" price range, as one might expect from companies featured in Time magazine.
In case you have a less volatile cash flow than I do, here are some choices:

A Gucci checkers set: $4,350.00

Ashley Morgan Diamond Slice Necklace: $2,000-$8,000

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Watch: $7,900.00 (with rubber band)

One of the 70 new pieces in the Cartier Sortileges de Cartier collection (this one had a brown diamond surrounded by amethyst)

There's always the Maichesa beaded clutch for $3,495.00 that is just perfect to carry, well, you know...stuff... when attending that little soiree. Can't you just see the guy sweat when his lady says, "Honey, will you hold this while I freshen up?"

And, from Yves St. Laurent, the poppy handbag that goes for $1,995.00.
But I'll bet you can get any of this stuff on EBay cheaper.

I'll be heading to Target.


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (out of curiosity) was looking at the Hermes Berkin Bag that was being sold through a "discount" fashion site...for $65,000. Used. I could buy a house in Michigan for that!!!


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