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Monday, December 05, 2011

Is It Just Men?

I have long held the belief that we are all somewhat the same. Oh, there are basic differences in temperament, socioeconomic status, Freudian issues and all of that, but I think, deep down, people are basically wired somewhat the same way. As much as many of us refuse to admit it, we could be criminals given the right set of circumstances. The accident (or Divine Plan, if you wish), of our birth parents and location started each of us in a direction, but we don't always stay on the same path because we make decisions for ourselves. OK, I think we can agree on that.
Consequently, no matter what Cosmo or Men are From Mars... imply or flat out say, men and women share a great deal of the same characteristics. Maybe men have a gene that relates to finding directions without a GPS, map, or female telling him where to go; maybe women have a gene that allows them to be right EVERY SINGLE TIME. Maybe that's all true, but one thing seems to be disproportionate, and I'm not sure it's accurate: I'm thinking about the number of men who do really dumb things (mostly of a financial or sexual nature) yet one almost NEVER hears of women making those mistakes.
Herman Cain and Bishop Eddie Long are just the most recent in a relatively LONG line this year of men who have let "urges" get the better of them...or at least we're just now finding out about it. But what about women? I have to think that they, too, have "urges," yet I cannot recall the last time the news media was agog over anything (except Britney, maybe) even close to that titillating. I mean the woman politician who was exorcised to expel a demon or something or the one whose husband could pray gays straight...that's the best/worst we could find?
It would be easy to say that women are just smarter or have more self-control or a more controlling superego...and maybe that's true. I just happen to think otherwise. And it's not that I'm misogynistic at all...I just believe humanity is...well, human.
I'm puzzled, and I could be all wrong about the whole theory.
But that's because I'm a guy.


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