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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Celebrity Breakup

Was Bachman Right?

It seems like another celebrity couple has been broken apart by a woman...not that this is unusual in most cases, but Buddy and Pedro have been together for a year and became HUGE celebrities when folks discovered that both penguins were male. Now, Farai has come between them, and the "bromance" is over.
Actually, that's what the more voyeuristic of the news folks might say. Both Buddy, 21, and Pedro,10, are African penguins at the Toronto zoo. Opponents and proponents of gay marriage have taken them up as symbols (though only God knows why!) of what is right/wrong/normal/abnormal in the world. Truth is, while they shared a nest, it was a social not a sexual arrangement, according to the zoo director.
Buddy had already sired children (what are baby penguins called, anyway?) though Pedro had not. since they are members of an endangered species, zoo officials felt that they needed to procreate to keep the species alive...enter Farai...and immediately Buddy drops all pretense with Pedro, left the man cave and took up with the hussy penguin!
Poor Pedro, broken hearted and looking for love (realize this is irony here) has made attempts to track down female companionship but has been rebuffed so far (will that make him more shiny?)
Anyway, the gay and anti-gay folks will be all over this story soon, and I will continue to shake my head about what idiots some people can be.
Next, she'll be posing on the cover of Playguin Magazine!


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