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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wait Watching

I sat behind a person today at a green light; we both wanted to turn left, but the person whose gender will remain anonymous simply couldn't decide to turn. Traffic wasn't heavy, but an occasional car would appear, causing the person in front of me to go two feet and stop. Eventually, the light turned yellow, and the car in front of me got to turn while I was left fuming (somewhat) at the red light. I vowed aloud to chase that person down and discuss courtesy, but that wasn't really why I was upset. I was upset because I hate waiting. I figure years of my life have been spent waiting for things, and some of the things I don't even want! As I get ever closer to the Big Sleep, I get more and more irascible if I have to wait. Today, it was suggested that I simply stand on the corner at a busy intersection and dispense advice to motorists since I knew it all. I won't say who gave me THAT tidbit of advice, either. Anyway, waiting can be tolerable or infuriating, and I guess I need to distinguish between the two.

1. Waiting to be seated at a restaurant. I know people in Wisconsin belly up to the bar and enjoy a beverage while hanging around waiting for a table. It's part of the social life. I, however, have come to eat, and I want to eat NOW! I can drink more cheaply at home, and I have very few friends with whom to socialize. (maybe it's my impatient personality!)

2. Driving around looking for a parking spot. Visiting my son and his family in Chicago is a heart stoppage waiting to happen. Wasting gas, driving endlessly around a five-block area looking for that ONE spot...then knowing that some jerk is going to hit my car from either the back or the front while he (or she) maneuvers into a too-small space. And don't even get me started on parking lots during the shopping season. I'll order everything online.

3. Waiting for holidays to arrive is hard. Knowing that they come too slowly and leave too quickly is the worst part...just like summer. It NEVER gets here until July, then the leaves start falling already, it seems.

4. Waiting for a medical person. Look, I make an appointment for a reason! I am prepared to sit in line checking out groceries or getting a car wash, but when I have a medical issue, I do NOT want to sit and wait, especially, if it's the dentist. since they seemed to have stopped giving nitrous oxide, it's no fun going to the dental clinic...even if they DO have this smiling tooth on the window and 70's BeeGees on the stereo.

5. Waiting to get home so I can go to the bathroom. 'Nuff said.

1. Waiting for dessert when I know it's following a meal at a restaurant I really like.

2. Waiting 90 seconds for my coffee to brew in my new coffee maker.

3. Waiting for the newest book by any author I really like. The anticipation is almost better than the satisfaction of reading the book.

4. Waiting for the time I actually retire (without working at all). I like what I do and find it hard to imagine there will be a time for just sitting on the porch, reading and relaxing.

5. Waiting for the next election cycle...I'm just cynical enough to realize that I will be disappointed no matter WHAT happens.


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