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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enough, Already!

Simple? Yes! Tasteful? NO!!!

Let's just say that my mother was not inclined to spend hours making Hallowe'en costumes for me. While something of an understatement, it is, in fact, true that dressing up for Trick-or-Treating was something of a "Grab something from the closet and leave me alone" kind of deal. My dad got into the spirit a bit more, but HIS idea of fun was hiding outside and scaring all the kids who came to the door. Sometimes, I think that was the ONLY fun he had. So, while other kids had great cowboy outfits or spaceman suits sewn and decorated by their Moms (buy a costume? Not back in the day!), I usually grabbed a sheet or some old clothes that didn't fit my dad anymore and became either a ghost or a hobo.
The goal, of course, was to fill up the pillow case with what mostly turned out to be apples and popcorn balls (pre-razor blades and other bad stuff), and costumes were not really necessary. A hearty "Trick of Treat!" would usually suffice. I mean, nobody wanted five teenagers hanging about on the porch, anyway, and we were easily swayed by anything that felt heavy.
Now, however, the costume business has gone full tilt, and I'm certain there is a great deal of thought put into every costume...especially for adults who now seem to have taken over the holiday in order to have yet another reason to dress and act like someone else whether or not alcohol is a factor! The Chicago Tribune today offers a columnist's view of what NOT to wear this year. So, in order to help out the decision-challenged, here's the take from today's Trib:
1. Vampires are out (overdone a long time ago)
2. Jersey Shore characters are out (overdone the minute the show began)
3. Playboy bunnies (really? is cleavage the only thing people pretend to have?)
4. Michele Bachman ( Palin's run was enough...let it rest)
5. Lady GaGa (one is more than enough from a fashion standpoint. Musically? another story)
6. Katy Perry (see comment #5)
7. Charlie Sheen (Even without dressing the part, I'll bet lots of guys will be trying this one, especially with those dressed as #'s2,3,5,6)

Me? I'll probably just drag out a sheet and hang out along the front porch bushes trying to scare little kids again.


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