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Saturday, October 15, 2011

State Fair: Meet NASCAR Fare

Can I get this on a stick?

There have been two major contributors to epicurean creation over the past few years: minor league baseball parks and state fairs. I have covered all the ones I think fitting and even tried a few. I admit that chocolate-covered bacon on a stick might be my favorite...only because the Krispy Kreme closed down here before I could try the KKdeep-fried burger. Cream puffs? C'Mon! everybody does stuff like that. Now, however, it seems as if NASCAR has taken up the chase (so to speak) for the hearts of gluttons everywhere. I give you...the Funnelbaconater!
Much as it sounds, this heart-stopping food item begins with a large funnel cake, topped with both chocolate and strawberry drizzles. Pile on the bacon chunks, and, voila! there you have it. This taste-tester's delight will be featured this weekend at the Sprint Cup race in Charlotte, North Carolina; ironically, North Carolina is noted for barbecue so this comes as a bit of a surprise.
In keeping with the pig theme, one can also purchase an Angus mac and cheeseburger that also is what it sounds like: a third-pound Angus beef burger topped with a scoop of pimento mac and cheese and finished off with a healthy [sic] portion of pork rinds. My only question would be, "Are the pork rinds fried already or just slimy, uncooked slabs?" But, I guess when you come right down to it, mixing fried pork rinds with mac and cheese would create a slimy mess anyway.
Sadly, I will not be in Charlotte this weekend for the grand revelation of the latest heart-attack stack, but maybe it will come to the state fair next year...though it may never reach the stature of a cream puff.


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