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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picture Yourself Old...or Not

If you want an accurate assessment of the possibility you have for a long life, go to the insurance companies. They make their money betting on how long you'll live, and, of course, their rates are based on many factors...all of which are controlled by you. Northwestern Mutual Life has just provided an online calculator to help you assess your chances of living for a long time, or not. Of course, it doesn't take into account the random bus accident or tsunami...just your average daily lifestyle and activities.
I tried it, and was somewhat disappointed to find out that I am, theoretically, slated to live to be 96. There's no doubt that if I live that long, I'll be a drooling idiot (the addition of drool is the only difference from now).
Anyhow, feel daring? Give it a shot:

I think I'm going to have to give up exercise, drink more and develop some other nasty habits. I mean, 80 is about right, I think. If it was good enough for Maude, it's good enough for me.


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