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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OMG! I'm Definitely NOT LOL!

Too many calories for me!

It's that time again: time for the Oxford English Dictionary to revise and/or update its list of more than 600,000 words to include the most commonly-used verbiage in its attempt to retain some semblance of relevance. Of course, if I were 150 years old, I think I'd do whatever it took to stay in the public eye as well.
Every three months, this renowned publication tweaks its entries to stay with the times. It's so modern that it also has its own website, which you can access at And it's not just a dictionary, either; it features a historical thesaurus to show the development and changes that occur with words dating back to Anglo-Saxon times and including modern parlance as well. There's even a "word of the day" for those of you who wish to enhance your boundaries of language use. So, what's new? Plenty...but for my money, these are the more striking entries.

1. Tinfoil hat. I'll be honest: I had never heard this expression, but according to the dictionary, it is a term for headgear worn by conspiracy theorists who fear mind control rays. Really. Could I make something like that up?
Of a more common usage are
2. Muffin top. Naturally, there's the baked goods definition, but also included is the designation for the, uh, protuberance over the waist of tight-fitting pants, made famous by a Seinfeld episode.
3. The "heart" symbol, as in "I Heart N.Y." We're down to including symbols, are we?
Of course, the language of texting had to make an appearance, and included are
4. OMG and
5. LOL
Perhaps the company is just trying to save ink, but writing as a person who never abbreviates any word while texting, I'm aghast. So much so that I'll stay with for what I need to know.


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