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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Awesome or Awful? It Depends

Just how sure are you that you're right?

It's not the's not Nostradamus...It's Family Radio, and they are traveling the world just to let folks know that life as we know it is about to undergo a radical change. Just how significant that change will be for each of us depends on what kind of life we have led.
In the most recent in a long line of Doomsdayers announcing the impending Apocalypse, this group has taken its avocation seriously. Members have arranged convoys to travel the country and eventually the world to let people know that May 21st will be of significant importance to all people. The "ambassadors" as they call themselves are not out to convert's not some traveling Jehovah Witness thing. They are simply given to letting people know that we had better get our lives together in the next few months.
"Project Caravan" folks have given their material possessions away, left their homes and joined caravans of motorhomes and RVs traveling around the country (30,000 miles so far), handing out informational literature and hoping to warn people before it's too late of the impending judgment. How sure are they that this day will be different from past days? "The Bible guarantees it," according to the huge banners adorning their vehicles. Of course, that means someone is interpreting the language of the Bible, and far be it from me to suggest human error creeps in when this happens, but...
So, what will happen on May 21st? It depends. If you are bound for the Pearly Gates, you will be "raptured," but if, on the other hand, your ticket is punched for the Nether Regions, you are in for 153 days of death and horror before the world finally ends on October 21st.
Interested in reading about the whole movement? check out the URL:
So, if you are still here on May 22nd...well, you really don't want to be.
As for me, I'll be just getting back from my long-overdue honeymoon.
What a time to go.


At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would certainly make for an interesting birthday.


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