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Monday, March 14, 2011

How Much Pi(e) Can YOU Take?

I'll Take Cherry a la Mode

I know this Daylight Savings Time thing has you all screwed up (internal clockwise), but you really need to get some extra sleep tonight since the biggest celebration since Mardi Gras happens tomorrow. Of course, the geeks among you know that tomorrow, March 14th is better known as Pi Day, a day set aside to glory in the wonders of pi, the ration of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. To math phobes like me, I merely round off to 3.14 when I'm doing basic calculations (as my teachers always told me I would in my adult life). There are a few more digits, but if you're a math geek, you already know them, and if you aren't, you stopped reading this when you realized that there was no real food involved.
The real math folks will be celebrating with pi(e) eating contests, pi-digit memorizing, and exchanging pi-greeting cards(seriously...Hallmark is reaching here a bit, I think). However, there IS a fly in the celebratory ointment, and his name is Michael Hartl, and he dismisses pi as unimportant. Really. HE says the really important figure is tau (roughly twice pi), which is a designation for the ratio of the circumference to the radius of a circle, and a MUCH more necessary part of any circular calculation, according to Hartl.
Hartl is SO enamored with tau that he has developed a website that sells (or at least has for sale) tau merchandise and also derides Pi Day as "Half Tau Day." Wow! That's cold. Truly interested at this point? I have included a URL for an essay that points out exactly WHY using pi is "stupid."

No word from Einstein on the matter...or, for that matter all the BabyEinsteins that Disney created.
I'll stick with my version of pi(e), thank you.


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