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Friday, January 21, 2011

Survey Says...No to Snooki?

In spite of the fact that Nicole Polizzi is incredibly popular right now as Jersey Shore enters its second season, only 3% of respondents in a recent survey wanted to be her. What's not to want? Party, tan, occasional fistfights and generally, the casual life which does not generally involve housework or jobs? Of course, Snooki's manager says she keeps an exhausting schedule: up at 5, making appearances, and in bed after midnight!...must be tough.
However, more than a third of those responding to the survey said they would rather be Steve Jobs (despite mysterious health issues) or Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. Right away, my Spidey sense began to tingle as I smelled something fishy.
First of all, how many people under, say, 30 even know who Warren Buffett IS? (and how many would start singing Margaritaville at the mention of his name? Secondly, both Jobs and especially Buffett are OLD! In fact, the others mentioned in the survey are not exactly spring chickens (as it were) either: Martha Stewart, President Obama and Anderson Cooper. So, you can see the problem with this survey: researchers gave it to people over least! I would venture to bet that nary a person under 35 was asked any of the questions concerning what luminary would be most appealing.
If they had asked people under 20, I would imagine Snooki would have gotten a much higher percentage...but then, these are the same people who are going to tune into Skins, MTV's new program which it unveiled this week and is already being pilloried by parents and church groups everywhere as pornographic and thoroughly abominable (ensuring tremendous ratings among the younger set). Take the first episode: in 40 minutes, there were 41 references to drugs and/or alcohol use among actors younger than 18 (some as young as 15) in addition to countless sexual references and implied acts...or the promised third episode in which a young man experiments with erectile dysfunction drugs and runs down the street naked: that's must-see TV there.
Now, ask the same people who would like to be Jobs or Buffett if Skins would be on their DVR and, well, you get the idea.


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