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Sunday, June 02, 2013

No Sillier Than the Biebs Hoopin'

Justin Verlander, possibly the best pitcher in baseball right now, opined that he'd like to participate in the all Star Game Home Run Derby. Given the number of well-known players who fake an injury or otherwise try to avoid being a part of the festivities, this is refreshing...except that Verlander is a pitcher in the American League and can probably count his number of at-bats in a season without taking his socks off. Still...pitchers with power is not an automatic eyebrow-raiser. Babe Ruth, of course, started as a pitcher, but hit most of his home runs as an outfielder, so I'll leave him off the list.
wes Farrell, who played from 1929-1941 has the distinction of hitting the most home runs in a season by a pitcher (9) as well as the highest home run total for a career (38). Neither of these is likely to be challenged, but all in all, I think it would be a great attraction to see pitchers hit in a sort of "celebrity" event like a home run hitting contest.
Now that the Ferrell reference is out of the way, here's who I would like to see in such a man a mano contest in addition to Justin Verlander (who is hitless since 2006!):

Carlos Zambrano (24 career home runs)

Yovani Gallardo (12 career dingers)

Livan Hernandez (10 career homers)

Micah Owings (9 Big Flies, including 2 as a pinch hitter!)

Bronson Arroyo (6 career home runs)

I think this is a great list. With Zambrano participating, any number of explosive things could the water cooler, to the bat, to just about anything.
And with Livan Hernandez, it would definitely be a show worth seeing.
Much more, say, than watching Justin Bieber play in a celebrity basketball game during the NBA All-Star weekend gala.
just sayin'


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