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Friday, April 05, 2013

Money Matters

We often seem to live our lives in constant pursuit of the one thing guaranteed to make our lives easier: a maid and a, that's not the answer. The answer, of course, is money. The reason we spend so much time accumulating money is that we think it will provide the access to all the things we think will make our lives easier...namely, a maid and a butler. ("Will you get OFF the servant thing?")
OK, OK. but the fact is that we all spend an inordinate amount of time accumulating the wherewithal that financial prosperity brings; each of us sees it differently, of course, but still...
CNN Money provided a list today of representative wages for segments of the population, listing each profession with regard to how much a worker of that kind makes every minute. If you want to know how much over a career, you'll have to do the math yourself: too tough for me. Here's the list

$.12/minute is what a worker making minimum wage receives.

$.27/minute is what the median worker in America receives.

$.42/minute is what the average elementary school teacher receives.

$1.35/minute is what the average family physician receives.

$3.21/minute is what the president receives.

$19.31/minute is what Rex Tillerson, president of Exxon/Mobil receives.

$162.55/minute is what Kobe Bryant receives.

Both Tillerson's and Bryant's figures are calculated on salary alone...not stock options, endorsements, etc.

Obviously, there are professions in between, but for most people, accumulating large portfolios is simply impossible. You can't take with you what you do not have!


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