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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wanted: "Dynamic Person to Write A Quality Blog"

Well, you just KNOW that this tantalizing teaser caught my eye right away. Figuring that most people write blogs about politics, zombies, or things on Pinterest, I naturally thought I would be the ideal candidate. When I found out what I would be asked to do, well, my enthusiasm went right through the roof: stay at a refurbished (no doubt 5-star) hotel in Finland for 35 days and blog about it? Heck, get my passport. I'm ready to roll.
Hotel manager Tio Tikka thought up the promotion for the Hotel Finn  in Helsinki after a series of refurbishing maneuvers were completed. I've been to Finland: a lot of English is spoken there, so I figure language shouldn't be a problem. Staying 35 days with maid service? Who could ask for more? continental breakfast? probably
The gig begins sometime in May so the timing is right for the end of the school year.
As I kept ticking off the requirements, I gained confidence that this could be the break I had been waiting for (or "for which I had been waiting" if Finns are sticklers).
The fact that there have been more than 600 applicants so far doesn't faze me. Most of them are probably sick of the outdoor weather and want to spend some quality time in a sauna that doesn't force them to roll in the snow between breathtaking steam sessions. By the way, I've tried that sauna/snow thing, and my heart did not wheeze to a stop...but it might take some getting used to if one were to plan on it as a regular occurrence.
Anyway, I had my passport in hand and bags packed when I got to the final requirement:
Fluency in English and Finnish is required, and the ability to speak Russian is regarded as a plus...or a deal-breaker in my case.
I'll just have to wait for the snow to melt here outside my sauna.


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