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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Et Tu, Travelers?

Some will note that the Ides of March correspond to March 15th of the Roman calendar. I've also seen it described as a grouping of days from the 13th through the 16th or so. Whatever the reality, it wasn't so auspicious for Julius Caesar, and it deosn't seems as if they will be any better for me (minus the thiry-odd stab wounds, of course).
This date or series of dates correspond this year to spring break, and wwe were anxious to find a warme clime, if only for a few days. The weather looked to be a bit sketchy leading up to the departure date, and we we routed through Chicago...never a sign praised by the augurers as favorable.That was only a small part of what was to come!
Actually, it began the day before we left when I felt a twinge in a hamstring while working out...mind you, I have never in my life as a competitive or has-been athlete had a single issue with a hamstring muscle. It was a sign.
We awoke to three times as much snow as had been forecasted to dump in the driveway, but traffic was light, and I made the airport regretting already the amount of snow that would be piled up in the driveway by Ma Nature and the snowplows, especially if we got the heavier snow that was expected while we were gone!
The plane was taxiing down the runway, more or less on time 'for takeoff when the pilot informed us that O'Hare was shut down due to low visibility but that we could get there in the next couple of hours...just in time to miss the connecting flight.
Six hour later, we did manage to arrive at our destination, definitely weary but somewhat warm...probably the same was Julius Caesar felt when he made it to the afterlife!
And there's still a foot of blown, drifted snow to shovel in my driveway when we get back.
Beware the Ides of March!


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