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Friday, March 15, 2013

Nothing Like Ballpark Food!

You know spring is right around the corner when you can see the tracks voles left in your lawn, snow-covered streets are merely a foot deep in slush, football stories are back on the front page, and new taste sensations appear on the menu at minor league baseball parks. Every new item is designed to tempt people to the ballpark with thoughts of gastronomical delight...and indigestion. What started as the "all-you-can-eat-and-drink" sections has now given way to individual items that patrons just have to try. This year is, of course, no exception.
In what has become an annual tradition, the Detroit Tigers' single A team, The Western Michigan Whitecaps, polls its fans to help decide what treat to offer every year, and this year, the winner is ...Baco: a taco utilizing (what else) a bacon shell. The Baco garnered 30% of the final vote, narrowly edging out "The Bad Joke": a corndog covered with cheese, surrounded by two strips of duck bacon, encased in a bun. Gee, that would be a tossup for me (either before or after eating!)
Third place this year went to "Rascal Chow": popcorn with bacon and Reese's pieces.
Fading off the menu at Whitecaps' games are previous winners "Chicks with Sticks" and "The Declaration of Indigestion."
Makes you long for the good old days, doesn't it?
Play ball!


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