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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Men! Don't Take This Sitting Down!

The  difficult thing about being a guy these days is that whole "metrosexual" thing that started a few years ago. Suddenly, we were all discussing our feelings, our home lives and our feminine sides. It's not that I think those things are bad, it's just that the line between women and men is beginning to blur a little bit more than I would like it to. If we become androgynous, I think it would be a bit dull. That's why I'm not going to Taiwan any time soon.
Stephen Shen, the minister for the Environmental Protection Agency there has suggested (and the country has apparently agreed) that men should start going to the bathroom sitting down instead of standing up ALL THE TIME! I get the premise: missing the toilet with a urinary stream leaves public WCs smelly and unsanitary. OK, that's a problem...but generally not for men. The proposed cleaner environment is, of course, a good thing, but men might find it a bit, well, too feminine for them. After all, cigar smoke, dingy lighting, loud laughing and smelly bathrooms are parts of male culture.
That's not to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea of "keeping the lid on it." I mean, it's a rule that during nighttime forays into the loo, the lid stays down to avoid unwanted surprises in the dark. I'm good with that, especially since aiming in the dark is something of a chore anyway.
The Taiwan government hopes to emulate the Japanese and the Sedes in the matter of sanitary male facilities. According to a report from the BBC, 30% of all Japanese men already leave the seat down all the time. There was no figure given for Swedish males so we'll have to assume they, too, sit in large numbers.
However, this will cause some issues with toilet training young boys. Sitting down for a reward is not as exciting as sinking the toilet paper ship floating in the bowl. It's a rite of passage that might just be passing away in some places.
Change is OK, but as soon as a bidet is included in the process, I'm going outside.
Couldn't they just install pine-scented air fresheners?


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