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Friday, May 04, 2012

Environmental Conscience? Not in Green Bay

SHOP BASS PRO SHOP BUT NOT CABELA'S! It was a sad day for environmentalists today in Green Bay. I normally avoid soap box material, but I cannot allow this to pass unnoticed. Last year, the legislature in Wisconsin sidestepped Department of Natural Resources recommendations and declared wetlands in Green Bay suitable for development at the request of the Green Bay Packers. The would-be development would have been anchored by a Bass Pro Shop retail outlet that would, of course, create jobs, visibility, and, of course, a different kind of potential visitor to Lambeau Field. There was an outcry (though moderate, I suspect) from environmentalists that was pooh-poohed by the politicos and the Packers Executive Committee. As my civic duty, I decided to call the headquarters of Bass Pro Shops to offer my two cents' worth of concern about destroying a wetlands in the name of corporate greed. To my great surprise, Bass Pro Shop eventually backed out of the project, indicating that its reputation as an outdoor-friendly operation could not support destroying a wetland: a logical, responsible stance, in my opinion. In steps Cabela's and chain very similar to Bass Pro Shops, and I suspect, a direct competitor. Undaunted by the destruction of a wetland, the company announced today that it would begin building a retail outlet on the very site currently designated as wetlands. Of the 21-acre parcel owned by the Green Bay Packers, LLC. 12 are considered wetlands. The city also noted that 1.6 acres of wetlands would be created somewhere else to make up for the potential destruction of the wetland by new construction. Fine so far, but what about the flora and fauna that will no longer have access to the REST of the wetlands that remain? Traffic, trash and other human detritus will soon destroy what's left. Plans have already been mentioned for additional retail space including restaurants. No Big Deal, you say? Ask the rapidly-disappearingwildlife in Florida what happens when developers and lawmakers are in cahoots. I will never set foot in Cabela's here or anywhere else. That'll show 'em.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled about a year ago to learn the Bass Pro shops wouldn't be moving in and so sad to hear that it was being pushed forward anyway. I just don't understand how our DNR can be so blind to the environment.


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