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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Meek Shall Inherit...Nothing

It's always easy to generalize and make "everyone" or "always" statements similar to the kind of rhetoric spewed forth by talking heads from "news" networks. In the polarized society in which we live, one is either a "liberal" or "right," with no room to maneuver in the moderate lane. I miss the moderate approach, the "we're all in this together" point of view, but it's a thing of the past. Time was that convicted felons would be leprous and shunned by everyone. Now, it's a matter of "no big was a simple mistake." There are some interesting examples from the high profile world of fame to note. For example, in this year's NFL draft (covered non-stop it seemed for three straight days), one team selected not one but TWO former college athletes (note, I did NOT say "student/athletes) who had been arrested three times...each! Both of them had been involved in such significant activity that the police officers considered it necessary to taser them into submission! One of them already has four children by three different mothers, and in response to questions about his, um, suitability for life with a huge pile of disposable income, he noted, "it's not like I shot up a strip club or nothing." Excuse if you will the double negative; I mean, it seems unlikely that it is no longer possible for athletes to be articulate after "attending" college. On another front, the White House is hosting the annual Correspondents' Association Dinner this evening. It's always a somewhat jocular affair...more like a roast than anything in which a comedian or comedienne takes shots at famous people and they (mostly) laugh graciously, then the president and his wife get their turn at foible feting. I have no problem with what's been dubbed the "Nerd Prom," but when "celebrities" like Lindsey Lohan are on the guest list when she could easily be doing time at the crowbar hotel after numerous major law infractions...well, it's too much for me. I am surprised that one or more of the Kardashian family isn't loitering about the red carpet (selling copies of THAT tape!) Ah well. There IS hope for the nice people of the least until Tim Tebow throws his first interception in New York. In reality, though, I'm just jealous at having no discernible talent that can translate into people wanting to give me huge piles of cash.


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