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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Lose Out On Both Counts

Actual site. really You knew it was only a matter of time. I mean when sites like "hot or not" on which people actually voted every day whether or not others were physically attractive became all the rage, an offering like this was bound to follow., launched in early April by Brandon Wade, offers the opportunity for attractive people to travel the world gratis, courtesy of someone with a lot of money who doesn't mind spending it on an attractive (but probably total) stranger. In attempting to connect the rich with the less-than-rich-but-good-looking, Wade indicates that his site is "a meeting space, like a nightclub or a bar," and he points out that his offering is NOT, I repeat NOT an escort service. In fact, there is a banner on the website indicating that very escorts! I am immediately reminded of the Julia Roberts movie about the well-to-do mixing with a "farm girl from Iowa." There are restrictions as well. If one designates himself or herself as "attractive," the cost to post a profile is zero. On the other hand, if one wishes to announce himself or herself as "generous," the cost is $50 for 10 contact profiles or $250 for 100 contact profiles. Well, I guess that makes sense...the people with money will hardly miss the cash while people who are drop-dead gorgeous (or hunky...whatever guys are noted as) travel to great locations, stay at five-star hotels (separate rooms, of course), and eat beluga on someone else's dime. Seems fair to me. The individuals involved do all the trip planning and arrangements. A caution, however; there is no guarantee that the beautiful will not get stuck with some of the bills, and the site also notes that nobody should travel to a different city or to another country to meet someone he or she does not know well. Huh? If I know the person with money who lives in MY city, wouldn't we be friends already? Perhaps not. Country clubs demand money: looks get a person nothing in those circles. All in all, this seems like a slippery slope to me. But then, I'm not rich OR attractive (at least enough to attract a rich dowager). Somehow, I don't feel particularly hurt by the realization.


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