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Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Latest Communist Purge

Stressed Out in China

It would appear that it's harder to be the world's leading economy than one might think. Stress levels are at an all-time high, apparently. So the Chinese have decided to do something to relieve the stress: real-life angry birds.
Of course, no animals, avian or pig were harmed by participants at this attraction, a part of a larger theme park named Window of the World. After all, that's lunch we're talking about...even in China. However, for a mere $14 US, attendees can use real life slingshots and catapults as a "method for people to purge themselves and gain happiness," according to an unnamed park administrator. This section of the park was built as part of the monthlong Stress-reducing Festival in Changsha, and is but a small part of the 400,000 square meter theme park.
Stress must be a big deal. Still, I wonder how a player can get the little blue ones to separate into four or five before crashing into the target, or how one makes the red ones go faster and hit with more power. Perhaps the thrill of launching something at a target is the main idea. Eclectic entertainment seems to be popular in China. After all, this is the country that is buying up outdated military equipment from the soviets and turning a Soviet aircraft carrier into a top-flight hotel (opening in 2012).
Those wacky communists. Can Sino-Disney be far behind, or an Asian Girl franchise featuring dolls made in America?


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