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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back in 26 Minutes

The end of any year involves a great deal of reflection: mostly about what the hell went wrong and how can we avoid making the same mistakes over the next twelve months. I think that's why resolutions are so important...despite the fact that most of them are abandoned within a few weeks. But this year was all about learning new things, according to the BBC news magazine. As a "year-in-review" publication, the news source chronicled the 100 things we learned this year (that we supposedly did not know last year. Each of the 100 things was covered in great length throughout the year, and I found many of them to be most fascinating. The complete list as well as link to the appropriate articles is listed below for your evening reading while waiting for Seacrest and Clark to finish.
However,my top ten things that I didn't know from the list follow immediately, though in no special order:

1. Aristotle was supposed to have been the last man who knew everything there was to know at the time. I always thought it was Ben Franklin, but it turns out not to be true. I suppose...what can one suspect from an individual who thought the turkey would be a great symbol of America?

2. The average hug lasts 3 seconds...and people get irritated if you count out loud just to check. (The last part is based on my independent research).

3. Women's tears reduce sexual desire in men.

4. The first YouTube video was titled "Me at the Zoo." Now THAT really makes me want to view instead of the little girl singing with her dad as corporate shills for Hyundai.

5. Swearing relieves pain. Damn right! It's been a painful year.

6. Yawning cools the brain. I always thought it was the body's way to get oxygen into the brain...not it seems that my brain just gets too hot about 2:30 in the afternoon from all the overuse.

7. Cows have best friends. Really.

8.The perfect nap lasts for 26 minutes. (and there's no law against practicing for perfection!

9. Incan brides had to peel a potato to prove they would make worthwhile wives. You've come a long way, baby!

10. People are less likely to die during their fifth and sixth decades of life than at any other time during their lifetimes.

Safe for another 10 years.


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