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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Softening the Blow

Put a slice on the slice!

And you thought the bacon fad was over~ Not so. People are going hog wild for the latest bandage idea: smells-like-bacon adhesive bandages. Now you, too, can be enveloped in that hickory smoked flavor of bacon, even when you suffer the misfortune of slicing open a finger, a toe, an ear...whatever. I would also suspect these could be used as a sleep aid as well: just stick one on your upper lip, and you'll have a pork-filled slumber that is pleasant AND filling. (unless you wake up hungry as a result!)
In addition to the wound covering, this company also make bacon-flavored toothpaste (perfect for those mornings when you are too rushed for breakfast!), bacon-flavored mints (the perfect after-onion mint) as well as bacon-flavored gumballs. Just imagine: bacon, morning, noon, AND night. Incredible.
Not a real bacon lover? Not to worry!
Made by a company named Accoutrements, these blood-stoppers come in other "flavors." For example, there's mac and cheese as well as pickle-scented bandages (I cannot use "bandaid" because that's a trademark).
At $6.99 for a tin of 15, these might be the best bargain in minor wound coverings, and if the container is accurate, you get a TOY inside each container...and here I was...satisfied with a pig aroma...AND a toy. Wow!
Now these are the kind of accoutrements the French never produced!


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