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Friday, January 14, 2011

Survival Knowledge

I'm hoping for a long winter...really. Every year, I try to make something fun out of snow both as entertainment when I get bored and as a creative outlet (especially important since I'm so terrible at art-type creations). This year there was enough hard-packed snow for a pre-Christmas Lego scene, but a warming trend did away with that in a hurry, leaving me a bit disappointed at the quick destruction of my project. While there is still a bit of snow remaining, as well as one week's wait before the second semester begins, I'm wishing for more snow so I can actually try to build an igloo.
The kids across the street have been begging me for a couple of winters to do so, but it always seemed like something of an ordinary task, and I was into bigger and more bold endeavors. Now, though, I'm ready: I have plans! Yes, I know it seems simple enough, but even my rudimentary guesses concerning said construction were a bit off.
I figured it would simply be row upon row of snow blocks with each succeeding row moved inward just a bit so that they would eventually meet at the top. Not so. It seems that one needs to bevel the bottom edge of each succeeding row in order to make them slant inward and upward! Yes, I know it sounds simple, but I hadn't considered it...until today.
Just because I know you, too, are interested in learning something as well as creating an energy-efficient winter dwelling (far cheaper than the ice hotels in Scandinavia and Canada), I am going to provide you with the plans by way of the following URL:

Size obviously matters, but I think I'll start small and work my way up.
By the way, do you know how the blocks of snow stay together?

wait for it...




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