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Sunday, July 12, 2009

That Crazy Baby


Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a baby-yet-to-be-born eat so much. I know it had to be the soon-to-be-granddaughter eating it all because of the kind of food being consumed. Of course, it could be just that pregnancy thing with which I have no real experience, too. I can only guess at how that works.
Here's the deal: our oldest son and his wife are expecting their first child in October, and it promises to be a rare experience as cultures collide. Sopanya is from Cambodia, and,as such, really eats very little American food. She especially doesn't like anything that's sweet: obviously something not found in Khmer culture where fruits and vegetables are featured along with rice and peppers that singe the nostrils just smelling them. It's one of the healthiest diets I've ever tried (almost totally lacking in saturated fats or fats of any kind), and we revel in the dishes that she makes when they come to visit as they did this weekend. That's why this sudden gustatory happening gets blamed on "that crazy baby." Cookies disappeared as if by magic; a chocolate chip pie was disappearing faster than the world's oil reserves...all due to "that crazy baby." Dinner with guests still featured a lot fo great Asian food, but the cravings for sweets was humorous...and we tried to recall is "we" were that funny prior to having that first child. The humor extended (for me, anyway) to hilarity when my wife explained that the baby was not done growing, and our daughter-in-law would get even bigger in the coming months! The look of consternation which that brought to an erstwhile size 3 petite was priceless. Even the description of the baby moving around provoked laughter (again...from me). My son, oblivious in some ways to this stuff, was busy figuring out how to hook up his iTunes to the stroller: "No 'Rockabye Baby' for my child!" he quipped. It's going to be fun for the next couple of months.
As long as it's not me.
As long as there is sugar in the house for "that crazy baby."


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