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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Still Scratching My Head Over...

Every now and then, I think the moon affects more than tides in the world. Sometimes it just seems that things are just getting too wierd for words...and that's saying a lot when we look at the seeming total collapse of energy, food, water, air and good sense which occur with too much frequency. I searched and searched for something "normal" today, but even relaxing in the hammock didn't do it: damn telemarketers who must have found out that I was home! I refused to watch the obsequies for Michael Jackson because I just knew it would be a circus; there was probably a red carpet for celebs to pose before entering the Staples Center...and you KNOW Al Sharpton and JJ got their 156 minutes in. Anyway, a list of the unnerving wierdness lately follows (as I see it, of course. This might be totally normal to you):

Remember Mark Sanford, the governor who sought permission from his wife to visit his mistress? He's still governor, but admit it, THAT whole thing was skewed from the outset. Now, he's apologized to everyone but me and determined to win back the trust of South Carolina. Want to bet?

You've probably also heard of Rick Strandlof, aka Rick Duncan. He's the guy who for the last few months has been masquerading as an ex-marine captain who had served three Iraq tours and been wounded. He stumped for congressmen, advocated for veterans publicly and spoke about opposition to the war in Iraq...a LOT. Turns out, he was none of the things he purported to be. It's one thing to dress up and play make-believe in your own home, but this guy deceived lots of people, and many of them were vets...probably not the group one wishes to antagonize.

Sarah Palin, love her or hate her, she knows how to get an audience. However, when Kathleen Parker, my absolute favorite conservative columnist, rips her...that's wierdness personified. Let's go slay some salmon!

Michael Jackson was, perhaps,as much of an innovator as Elvis and the Beatles. He certainly defined pop music, dance moves, and, face it, wierdness on occasion. In a twist that NOBODY thought odd, a line of circus elephants wound its way toward the Staples Center today prior to the funeral "performance." Trouble was, it was totally unrelated to MJ, but people totally bought into it. Seems that Barnum and Bailey Circus is performing soon, and the elephants were simply being moved to their new quarters. Leave it to MJ...nobody thought a line of elephants was unexpected. Is this what entertainment's become today? Perhaps. I'm going to work on mastering the "Thriller" dance.

Finally, the Steve McNair saga has left me totally speechless. EVERYONE has been carrying on, eulogizing him for his great ability and his community work, both of which were prodigious. However, they pooh pooh the fact that he was a married man who was practically living with another woman: people in the condo thought the two were a couple, he was there so often. How can we lionize a person while his widow and kids get no mention? Even the iconic Brett Favre made a comment sending condolences to McNair's MOTHER but NOT his wife and kids! What the hell? That's wierd, if you ask me. Call me Puritanical, but passing off adultery as "we're all human and we make mistakes" is just wrong.
I'm sending my condolences to McNair's poor wife and kids who have to live with this for the rest of their lives.
Sometimes, the wierdness becomes stifling.


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