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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not Coming to a Restaurant Near You!

I have been a breakfast person since college. during that time, I had to get up for early morning practice, and food was always great afterwards. Generally, it was typical breakfast stuff, but we also had grape juice: the single biggest reason I loved early morning eats. Now, my eyes get big and round when I see bacon on a breakfast buffet, but I have been known to vary to such things as biscuits and gravy (in a nod to my Southern heritage), and pastries have always been a hit. See? No salad-type stuff designed to take away the desire for  the stuff I really like. Over the past few years, all the fast food franchises have begun to cater to the early morning crowd for whom coffee just isn't enough. There are burritos, croissanwiches, stuffed muffins, and a platter full of other eat-on-the-go choices brought to us by the fat food concerns. But now, time for something a little bit different:
Taco Bell is pondering a bit of a different idea for breakfasts eaten away from home. Currently being rolled out in central and southern Orange County, California, the waffle taco has proven (albeit on a small scale) to be a hit. The picture says it all, and at a measly $.89, this introduction to what the little chihuahua that could calls "First Meal" might just be a big seller. Sausage, eggs, and a waffle "shell" make this an intriguing choice, but what I especially like is the container of maple syrup that accompanies this menu choice. Having poured the sticky sweetness over the waffle, there's no way a consumer can eat this while driving. Imagine the mess: in the lap, on the shirt, and hands stuck solidly to the steering wheel with napkin bits clinging to just about every surface. There simply will be NO letting go of your waffle. This scenario, of courser, means no drive thru action.
Take the time...sit and enjoy it...
even if you have to get up a bit earlier to do so.
However, this item may or may not be coming to a Taco Bell near you, and if it does, it will not be until early 2014...if at all. But for now, it certainly seems like something I want MY Taco Bell to feature.


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