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Friday, February 08, 2013

Like political campaigns, holiday seasons seem to meld into one another. Just as the decorations and come-ons int he stores are moved to the clearance aisle, the next big blitz is underway. Marketing geniuses know that advertising is a key element in attracting customers, do the visual and auditory airwaves are inundated with enticing messages, encouraging would-be buyers to a) get the must-have items while they are still in stock or b) get them early before the price changes.
Here's my beef, though. While I seldom actually watch television, and tune out virtually every commercial, it seems to me that on every occasion, the ads are aimed at the male population. Take the upcoming lovefest that is Valentine's Day. Can you remember an ad that was designed to entice women to get something or do something special for the special man in their lives? I thought not. I've been thinking for days, and every single commercial I've encountered encourages me to show a woman just how much I love her. every. one. Something for me? never. Why is that?
I have a few theories.

1. Men are stereotypically portrayed as forgetful...people who can never remember any special day whether it be a birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas. really. How many television programs/movies near the holidays feature men rushing around doing the last minute shopping thing? All of them. Women? never, Sometimes I think it's amazing that we can still find our way to work or remember where we parked the car at the store!

2. men are portrayed stereotypically as having no "personal" sense. We don't know what our significant other likes, what she hates, and anything at all about the world of fashion, fragrance, and flowers. I must confess that ONE TIME I did buy the wrong fragrance and had to suffer through, "You should KNOW what I like." I have not made that mistake since. Generally, though, we are depicted as goofs who walk into the department store, flower shop, or 7-Eleven and say to the clerk, "Get me something the little woman will like. I don't care what it costs."

3. That scenario is ridiculous, of course, because men are also depicted as cheap when it comes to buying women gifts. If it's something for the man cave or the yard work...we spare no expense. That $20 seven-tools-in-one? I need every one of them all the time, despite the huge, locking tool chest that she gave me for Christmas being full of Craftsman stuff (with air fresheners tucked away inside to keep everything smelling nice. But when it comes time to open the wallet for women? If we are not told specifically what EVERY woman wants, we'd get a gift card at Pizza Hut and consider that an excellent gift (the key being to get something WE like in case she doesn't...and generally, she doesn't, so why should both of us suffer?)

Whatever the case, and I'm sure it is different for each of us, I think it's time we men got some air time around the holidays. Women may think Valentine's Day is all about sex for men (like most days). Not so.
We like presents, too.


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