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Monday, February 04, 2013

Dawning Uncertainty

Nobody lives forever. Nobody gets everything he or she wants. Nobody thinks life is fair. Nobody ever expects to work all his or her life, retire, then die. But it happens.
My friend retired two years ago and has been enjoying the life he felt he deserved. He worked hard for others all his life. He accepted the cruel twists fate handed him with aplomb.
And he persevered.
Until now.
Sudden seizures recently let to a diagnosis every one of us dreads: cancer.
The prognosis is dire: at most, with chemo and radiation, a couple of years.
Without treatment: a couple of months.
What happened to fair? Just desserts? Paying your dues and getting rewarded?
It's not meant to be.
I will miss you, buddy...for the rest of my life.
This hurts.


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