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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goodness Snakes Alive!

It's time to follow up on something reported earlier here: the Great Python Challenge in Florida's Everglades.To recap: Burmese pythons, a non-native species (probably native to, say, Myanmar and other SE Asian climes) has overrun the Everglades, eating just about every mammal in sight including deer and alligators in addition to all of the smaller morsels like bobcats and assorted birds.
In an attempt to limit the scope of this behemoth (hundreds of pounds and 20 ft. long), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is sponsoring a snake hunt this month and the first couple of weeks in February. The hunter who bags the most pythons gets $1500.00, and the one who snares the longest specimen gets an additional $1,000.00. The contest has reeled in more than 800 adventurers from 30 states and garnered almost as much news media attention as Manti Te'o.
Hunters who capture and kill pythons are required to provide, in addition to the carcass, GPS coordinates detailing where the snake was found in hopes of gaining a stronger foothold in the battle against these predatory snakes.
After two weeks of the hunt, a grand total of 21 snakes have been captured...leaving literally thousands, there's time for you to get down there and try your luck. Too busy? Florida State Senator Bill Nelson found time to join the hunt, and if senators can afford to take the time off, you can, too.
These snakes are huge, though, so you'd better take the assault rifle and 50-round magazine clip with you.


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