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Friday, January 04, 2013

Count A Simple Blessing

Since I have a month or so between semesters, there's always the temptation to sit comfortably on the couch with fifteen good books and while away the time reading, eating junk and drinking things unhealthy. Of course, guilt always gets the better of me, and so I go out and shovel another couple of hours to build the base for this year's snow sculpture; in more ambitious moments, I head to the gym to actually work out, as I did today.
Always, thirsty after sweating so much, I stopped at the water fountain (or "bubbler" if you"re from
Wisconsin) and was mildly irritated that I had to wait for the water to get cold enough before quenching my thirst; then, it hit me: literally millions of people would give ANYTHING to have that water I just let run down the drain because it wasn't the right temperature.
The story repeated itself in the shower...I waited for a few seconds until it was warm enough to step under before using gallon upon gallon the get clean: again, something millions of people worldwide would love to have.
I have generally taken water for granted, despite seeing Avatar. I presume it will always be there and in a ready supply. Logic tells me that such a thought is inaccurate as long as we continue to use it like, well, it was water.
According to the World Health Organization, diarrhea is the leading cause of death for children under five globally. Most of that is the result of inadequate drinking water...not water to shower with, water to drink! More than 800,000 children die every year, and in low income countries, only 44% of children suffering from what is a mild irritation to us get the recommended treatment.
All for lack of clean water to drink; not water for golf courses or amusement parks; not water to keep the lawn nice and green. Water to sustain life.
I will not take it for granted...but I will continue to wait a few seconds to avoid stepping into a chilly shower.


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