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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Some Folks in West Virginia Wear Shoes"

If you thought saner heads had prevailed with the elimination of Jersey Shore, recently, you are sadly mistaken. No sooner has the last episode of the head-shakingly moronic reality program aired than the producers at MTV (whatever happened to the MUSIC part of that?) are foisting another sure-to-be-a-hit-like-watching-a-train-wreck thing on us called Buckwild. And, by no sooner than, I mean tomorrow night already! The fiscal cliff has been temporarily avoided, but I almost wish there were something cliff-like to jump from.
In this latest Apocalyptic sign, teenagers from a small town in WEst Virginia are filmed having a good time as they are wont to do. This, of course, means fighting, swearing, careening through the mud with ATVs at dangerous speeds and girls wallowing in mud while scantily clothed...naturally. As planned, the show got immediate negative response from almost everyone from the Chamber of Commerce to State Senator Joe Manchin III who opined," This is an ugly, inaccurate stereotyping of people in West Virginia."
Not that Jersey Shore wasn't an ugly stereotyping of Italian-American teens living in New Jersey, mind you. It was. It sold big. This will, too.
I can only imagine what people around the world think about our lack of culture. But then, they can see Moonshiners, Hillbilly Hand Fishing, and Honey Boo Boo  (on The Learning Channel, no less) already.
This doesn't raise the bar. There is no culture bar anymore.
I will definitely not watch this train wreck. I have books to read.


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