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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why the Olympics Need to be Held in Chicago

Ordinarily, I would have begun touting Green Bay as a host for the Olympics, but that would hardly be realistic. We couldn't even get a chance to host the Big 10 Championship Game due to a lack of hotel space...something like the Olympics? Good one.  Chicago, of course, becomes the next logical choice. It has everything already: sports venues galore, good weather (as opposed to monsoon season in London for the cycling races), more ethnic food that one could eat in a fortnight (OK, so I borrowed that from London), and an airport or two that are relatively accessible to the world.
Those are all selling points, but not my major point. I have a couple of gripes with holding such extravaganzas in places other than the Midwest: time, the Twittersphere, and 24-hour coverage of sports in other time zones. I absolutely hate to open up a sports website and see photos emphasizing the latest success or abysmal failure of Michael Phelps, USA soccer or basketball, et al. Granted, these are all riveting stories, but they (in the case of this year's games) have already taken place, leaving me with ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to watch breathlessly as events unfold on television! This fact is quite aggravating. For example, I had already known that it wasn't REALLY the queen who skydived out of the helicopter in the opening ceremonies...I knew Lochte had beaten Phelps in the 400 IM and the French had beaten the US in the 4x100 relay long before I was able to see it on television; and that took some of the fun out of it.
Of course, I know the entire thing is streamed via the internet so I COULD ostensibly watch anything in live time, but 3 a.m. just doesn't work in my schedule. AND, I could refuse to look at sports web sites until the day's events have been televised, but then I cannot keep up with, say, the baseball scores as they happen.
This is the type of conundrum with which our online world has brought us. Before that, it was televised sports taking over for reading the box score the next day in the event which was preceded by all those naked guys in Athens who got no coverage whatsoever (so to speak) from the media.
One good thing about the coverage, though, is that I got to see some entertaining table tennis, fencing and badminton that is available nowhere else.
As long as it's not rhythmic dancing and the scores are not posted online, I can pretend it's happening in the moment.


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