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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Oh No, You Diunt!"

The hardest thing about this was how to write the word "didn't" to match the inflection of the famous phrase. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't, but the point is that I have succumbed to the societal pressure of copycatting clever things other people think up.Fast food restaurants, and foodies in general, are not immune to this kind of one-upmanship, either, as the new bacon sundae at Burger King testifies.
Not too long ago, Taco Bell debuted a taco with Doritos as a shell, and the cheap food world went for it in a big way. I have tried this concoction, and it's not bad. I'm more of a burrito guy, but the marketing was just too tempting. I was not disappointed (though I'm still a burrito guy...the one with Fritos in it!)
Now, of course, BK is capitalizing on what seems to be an explosion of bacon-themed foods by offering a sundae that features ice cream, chocolate and carmel sauce, bacon bits and a whole slice of bacon. Look good? It is. There is one small point of reservation, however.
I tried this sundae today because it promised to have both sweet and salty at one time; throw in some chocolate, and it had all the possibilities of a great treat. The first few spoonfuls were scrumptious, and I intended to save the big ol' slice of hog for later...then I got to the buried bacon bits. They were hard. not crunchy.frozen hard.painfully hard.
Of course, it was my fault for eating the sundae last; had I started my meal with it, the bits might have merely been crunchy. As it was, they were rock hard.
On the positive side, there was plenty of sauce (usually skimped on), and the slice o' pig was soft and made a great "spoon" of sorts for all the gooey stuff at the bottom.
All in all, it was good...probably better than a Dorito taco.
But eat it before anything else.


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